Sunrooms comparison

porch encloxsure 1new porch enclxosure 2new

Horizontal sliders (left)  vs vertical sliders (right)


 Our sunrooms comparison chart

All seasons Three seasons
Line Prime 40 Elite 40 Prime 35 Elite 35 Essential
Usage  All year  All year  Extended  Extended  9 months
Wall 4.25″ 3″ 3″ 1.75″ 2″
Structure Alum Alum Alum Alum Alum
Surface Vinyl Alum Alum Alum Alum
Knee wall Insulated Insulated Insulated Insulated Non-insulated
Couplers Interlocking External Interlocking Internal Interlocking
Visible screws No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continues sill Yes No Yes No No
Glass knee wall No charge Extra No charge Extra Extra
Raceways Integral N/A Integral N/A N/A
Pre-punched sill yes Yes yes No No
Rotating header Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Windows / doors
Additional doors No charge extra No charge Extra Extra
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Visible surface Vinyl Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Windows part of the frame Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Tracks Stainless steel Vinyl Stainless steel Aluminum Aluminum
Serviceable track Yes No Yes No No
Rollers Steel Plastic Plastic Plastic Gliders
Movement Bearings Friction Bearings Friction Friction
Glass Tempered Annealed Tempered Annealed Annealed
Glazing Double Double Single Single Single
Thermal glass Low e /A Low e /A Optional N/A N/A
Screens Extruded Roll-formed Extruded Extruded Roll-formed
Material Aluminum Fiberglass Aluminum Fiberglass Fiberglass
operating Sliding Fixed Sliding Fixed Fixed
Hardware Prime Standard Prime Standard Standard
Insulated Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clear optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Integral gutter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
White Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Architectural bronze Yes Yes
Chocolate brown Yes
Gray Yes
Cream Yes
Sandalwood Yes
Warranty, years 50 20 50 20 10


White, Sand, Architectural brown.



Features explained

Continuous floor channel:
No joints mean no leaks means no mould. Doors sit in the same channel so no weak soft there.

Positive slant channel:
Moisture drains to the outside.

Pre-punched floor channels:
Drain hole levelled with the bottom of the channel. All moisture drains out.

Sealing underfloor channels:
No moisture gets into the room, no wet socks.

4.25 thick wall:
Insulates as good as your house’ wall.

Vinyl wall:
Not a single screw showing.

Flush wall system:
Looks like a home, not a shed.

Windows built into the structure frame:
Minimum frame – maximum glass.

Tempered glass:
Stronger, quieter and safer windows.

Ball-bearing rollers:
Large windows operate feather-lite.

Adjustable rollers:
Windows always keep at a perfect position.

Raceways in posts:
Sockets everywhere, wires not seen.

Operating screens:
Easy to remove for cleaning, slide to allow free access.

Adjustable roof hanger
No stress on the roof, perfect sealing.

Adjustable wall header:
Stronger support, nicer finish.

Extruded integral gutter:
No leaks, no damage by ladder.

All made by the same manufacturer:
Colour and finish perfectly match, now and for decades.


Sunroom Construction

SRC10 – stainless steel tracks.


Wiring in sunroom posts

SRC20 – Wiring concealed in sunroom post raceways.


Sunroom Construction

SRC30 – platform protected under walls.


Sunroom Construction

SRC40 – continues floor track.


Sunroom Construction

SRC50 – rotating – adjustable header, shown before vinyl cap applied.



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