All seasons – Prime line


Finest all-season sunroom.  Best looking, highest insulation value.  Most options included in the price. Used as an all-purpose additional living space year-round.  50 years warranty.
Installed any time of the year.  No mess, one-week on-site installation. Offered only with certified installation.


With a unique 4.25″ thick wall structure, with 2.5mm (.100″) ultra strong industrial-grade aluminium skeleton inside and warm finish of vinyl outside, our Prime 40 line is by far the sturdiest and most appealing product available in the market. Add all-tempered glass, stainless steel track system and hardware, and you get the longest-serving product, with a matching guarantee. Moreover, this is the only sunroom out there without any visible screws, using the slimmest structure and frames, showing most glass.

The room is as complete as it could ever be, no modifications or additional options needed; all is included with the all-inclusive approach we took in designing it. It withstands leaks and draft, extreme heat or cold, human or nature’s punishment, so will serve and look as new for decades.

There is no other product in the market that comes close to this room specifications. Be it thermal characteristics, ease of operation, life span, strength or aesthetics.

Anatomy of a sunroom, from the ground up:

The quality of a sunroom is the sum of all parts. Some visible, some are not. See below what makes the difference.

Bottom of wall:

Water moves at a path of least resistance, and all end up at the bottom of the wall, draining into the floor channel. Our unique floor channel stops water from seeping inside via quadruple modes:

–  Outwards slopped floor channel ensures any water or ‘sweat’ will always drain out. Other products are flat at the bottom, so water may accumulate or seep inside.
–  The floor channel is pre-punched at the low end, towards the outside. Others may (or may not) drill weep holes on-site, but on-site drilling cannot be low enough to allow all humidity to drain.
–  To seal under the floor channel we use an integral long-lasting neoprene seal together with a silicone caulking bead. The seal and the silicon stay flexible for decades, unlike ordinary sealant that may dry and crack.
–  Room is mounted on a concrete or wood substrate. Both are porous and will stay moist for a long time like a sponge, hence sealant may prematurely deteriorate. We cap the perimeter with a colour-matched vinyl or aluminium layer to fully eliminate any moisture from penetrating inwards.

Wall structure:

Slim, yet heavy gauge aluminium extrusions interlock into each other give you unmatched strength. Yet, being internal, not using external couplers as others do, give you the largest glass area. Extrusions are concealed within vinyl jackets, so all you see is a smooth, clean looking and a breeze to maintain, unified surface.

All wall structures installed on a continuous floor channel – no joints prone to leak.

Solid walls are 4,25” thick, made of four layers: inside / outside colour coded vinyl skin, a layer of high-density polystyrene and a layer of OSB – same construction used on new R2000 compliant houses. Wall sections are not only structurally strong, but they also withstand the elements, salt, and your snow shovel.

Rotating header:

The room’s roof rests on the wall section. We use a self-adjusting rotating header that distributes the roof’s weight between the inside and outside of the wall. Installing the roof on one side only – the outside wall edge – may cause the wall to buckle under the roof’s weight. Further, this adds a neatly finished look to the wall, without superficial trim.

Knee wall:

A 20” section at the bottom of the wall can be made of solid insulated wall section or thermal tempered glass, at no price difference.

Fasteners and joints:

To hold all together we use an elaborate system of positive interlocks that snap together. All are secured in place with robust screws. However, none are visible as all are covered with our unique snap covers.
With other products, there are screws galore, not as eye-pleasing.


Rooms have to be usable, so require power outlets. Our high-end rooms feature an integral system of raceways in the posts, to wire electrical, cable or phones, none visible.
In other rooms, wires are either installed from outside, using expansive and unsightly cables and conduits or mounted over the inside wall, neither is a great view.


The largest and most prominent section of the room can be problematic if not well designed and well made. Our windows are constructed patio-door style, same heavy-duty hardware and same tempered glass. The windows do not have their own frame, they are installed straight into the room’s structure. That means there is a much slimmer profile and much more glass compared to other products available, where a wide window frame sits inside the wall sections.


Our window hardware is the same as our doors, meaning ultra-strong, long-lasting, and easy to use. Handles are wide and easy to grip and lock. Locks are made of steel, not composite brittle die-cast as found at others.
Rollers consist of steel wheels mounted on self-lubricating bearings. Each set is individually adjustable so the window is always at its correct position.
Other use gliders, making the window difficult to move, or at best pin mounted plastic rollers, which develop a flat surface if not opened for a long time – say a single winter.

Our system runs on a stainless track that will not nick nor dent and will smoothly operate for generations. In the unlikely event that it will damage, service is easy and fast.
In other systems, the track is part of the window frame, commonly made of aluminium. If needs service, it requires removal and must replace the whole frame.

Drainage is paramount to windows, to rid water from inside / outside tracks. All our windows carry a positive drainage system, protected outside with bug cover to stop insects from getting in.


Strong and yet high visibility mesh covers all operating sections. Frames are of extruded, colour-coded aluminium, strong enough to withstand human and nature impact. Screens slide the same as windows, mounted on a self-levelling rollers system and are lockable.
Other manufacturers use a roll-formed frame, fixed in one place.


To utilize most out of your new sunroom we offer doors to match almost any given opening. Smaller doors on less-used sides, and larger at other. All attributes available at our windows system apply here as well.

Our doors are mounted on a continuous floor channel, so no weak point at joints. This means structural integrity, the door will not heave and will never leak.
Sliding doors are used in most configurations, where matching hinged doors are available for narrow areas.


Our premium all-season rooms carry insulated glass units (thermopanes), glazed with the latest low E coating, and filled with argon gas. Glass unit is double sealed over a warm edge spacer, to ultimate thermal characteristics. Further, all doors and windows utilize tempered glass as standard, for extra strength, safety, and noise reduction.


To cover your new room we carry insulated roofs at several thicknesses and build. Roof specifications are defined by the room’s span and your areas’ snow load. See our insulated covers section for more detail. We offer both solid and clear roofs and may dress the solid roof with wood panelling for a warm and cozy feel. What makes us very different is that roof and structure are made at the same plant, so quality, looks, colours and service are the same.
Other supplier’s roofs (and windows) are sourced separately, so combination and looks are not always the same when new, let alone after some years in the sun, or when service is due.


Trivial as it may be, we offer the only sunroom roof in the market that comes with an integral gutter, made of extruded aluminium, colour coded. Large rooms need to drain lots of water, so if gutter is surface mounted water may splash over, seep between the gutter and fascia or the gutter may dent and fail altogether.


Where others may nickel and dime you for different configuration, our costing method is simple. You may select all doors, all windows or a combination thereof, as applicable and technically possible. Price will be the same, no need to compromise for convenience on account of cost.


All exposed products are manmade, with no organics such as wood, so there is nothing to deteriorate, swell or warp. Rooms require no maintenance or painting, save for an occasional trough and track cleaning


Where others find it impossible, we can do it. Our resourceful and experienced designers see solutions where others do not. Engineering, designs, plans, and permit packages are always at your disposal.

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