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All seasons sunroom, prime

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Three seasons sunroom, prime

All seasons 

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Extended 3 seasons
Three seasons sunroom, midrange

Sunrooms are meant to serve many purposes. Each use requires a different style, look, materials and features. With that, the new addition to your home should flawlessly blend into the existing style; correctly made and installed to serve for many years with minimal maintenance.

With all different uses, it all boils down to adding a usable area to the home. It can be an additional dining area, a room to rest and relax, a playroom, exercise area, craft or family room –  anything you want to do and do not have space in the existing home.

Within reason, the size, location and configuration are limited by your imagination only. You may decide on a location to suit the desired use. However, most rooms we install are at the back of the home. To get a cost idea we will be glad to assist with a preliminary budget for different configurations and finishes.

We offer sunrooms in several categories. It could be our Essential three-season room – non-insulated structure and glazing, to be used nine months of the year. Or, our Elite 35 and Prime  35 series rooms, for extended three seasons which you may use further into the winter. Or, it may an all-season rooms – our Elite 40 and Prime 40 series where the walls and the glazing will withstand the Canadian weather extremes for use throughout the entire year.

Style – We offer sunrooms in two configurations: a studio style, with a sloped roof away from the house, or as an ‘A’ frame style, with a cathedral roof. There is no advantage of one over the other. The configuration much depends on the height of the wall where the new room will be attached.

Build – we carry three lines: the Essential – a budget line, the Elite – a mid-range line that is comparable with other products offered in the market place, and the Prime – the best that there is.

To save on-site time and to minimize the construction mess, we prefabricate our products. The sections are delivered to the site for assembly. Production is centralized, so we closely control the quality and costs involved, resulting in top-notch products at a competitive price. As all of the components come from the same source, quality and appearance are assured by design. Further, on-site time is expensive, as a good tradesman needs to be well paid. By spending more time at the back end, we save time at the front end, to your advantage.

Notwithstanding that, we also build traditional construction sunrooms – framing, studs, drywall and all. There is hardly a price difference between our all-season prefabricated room and traditionally built, just that prefabricated is a faster and cleaner process.

Your sunroom can be built on an existing deck, or we can build a new platform. Existing decks may need upgrading or insulating, to bring them up to the standards required. We can do it all, or you can use your own contractor for that.

Our insulated roofs are made to withstand the snow load and to compliment the unified looks. For extreme snow load, they may be further reinforced. Clear roofs are available too, as are skylites for solid roofs.

All our work is bound by the local building code, so we can also prepare drawings required for a building permit, or we may handle the entire permit process.

Options are numerous – from clear to high efficiency, tempered or tinted glass, different doors and window styles, electrical rough-in or heating and cooling equipment. There is little we can’t do to deliver your dream sunroom.

Quality is a critical aspect to consider when choosing a sunroom. Your suppliers must demonstrate that they will use quality materials and matching technical experience to construct your project. After all, a sunroom is an extension of your biggest investment – your home.

The market place offers sunrooms in many brands, materials and finishes. Definitions are confusing at times, as terms used by one supplier may not necessarily mean the same with another. Before making a decision, make sure that you follow hard facts, not hype, and diligently see what you get for a given cost. Much as with other home projects, you buy a perception, not a product you can touch and feel. Beforehand, ask again and again till you are certain that all is clear. Just to demonstrate – most suppliers offer a ‘vinyl room’ – but only our vinyl room is insulated, the others are not. The term is identical, the product not so.

God is in the details. It may be prudent that you look at the nuances of the specs. Don’t be overwhelmed by haughty statements about ‘the best glass’ or so – ask why. A minor variant such as integral versus add on gutter may come to haunt you ten years down the line. Cheaper hardware will fail at that time after the tall promises and assertions have faded away.

A word about terminology. The sunroom term is mostly used for a room with mostly glass around. Depends of your background, it is also called a conservatory greenhouse and winter garden (wintergarten). The term solarium is commonly used for a sunroom with a glass top but also used for any sunroom per se.

Last, but not least: we offer sunrooms, and are good at that. We do not push hype fancy terms or rebates. If you look for a serious supplier with a prized product and correct advice, you are at the right place. If you look for rebates, special promotions and ‘today only’ promotions, try our competitors. A sunroom is a major project and costs to match, so we are certain that we will see you back.

Call or mail us. We will provide you with all information, advice and budgets so you can proceed with your planning.


Sunroom configurations

Material / purpose

A sunroom is an extension to the house, so will be made of one of the current building materials. As a prefabricated product, most are made of aluminium. Since WWII, aluminium has gained prime position in the construction industry, and it still reigns supreme in high-rise and commercial buildings. Aluminium has its limitations, with poor thermal insulating values and its looks. However, looks and finishes can be a neat architectural feature if properly designed, implemented and finished, or look like a shack if poorly done.  Also, all-season rooms utilize thermal breaks in the profile so insulation is no longer an issue.  We pride our aluminium products as high-end that will beautifully blend with your home.   There are aluminium three seasons and all seasons rooms.

The more current material is vinyl, which is the most popular material in the fenestration industry.  Vinyl is not structural, so rooms are made of an aluminium skeleton covered and enveloped with vinyl.  Advantages are many, which are addressed in the vinyl room section. Note that while other suppliers offer vinyl rooms, ours is the only insulated – all seasons vinyl room.

A traditional ‘sticks’ construction, framing, studs, drywall and the works is offered as well. Save for the traditional appeal there is no advantage to that. Costs are similar, but construction is messy and drags forever while a prefabricated room is completed within a week on site.

Our product line

Prime series:

Prime 40 room:
All seasons rooms are made of 4.25″ aluminium skeleton covered with vinyl outlay.

Thermal / tempered glass windows and doors. More

Prime 35 room:
An extended season non-insulated room, are made of finished aluminium profiles. 3″ walls, insulated wall sections and tempered single glass. More

Definition of a common three seasons room is a non-insulated structure. Notwithstanding that, we define this line as an extended season room, where you may use the room deeper into the winter and earlier into spring.
Reasons: glass is an excellent insulator. Having a 3/16″ (5mm) glass all over the room means good insulation there. Further, in our prime 35 room the knee wall is insulated – 3″ panel. Same with the roof. All this means that the only conductive lines are the frames, which present little surface as part of the whole. Therefore, this room can be used almost year-round, and may get frost only when the temperature really dips. A unique feature – for a modest up-charge, you may substitute the single pane glass with thermal double glazing, so the only weak points are the connector line. The brings the room almost to a full all-season level at a moderate price.

Elite series:

Elite 40
All seasons made of 3″ wall, with vinyl slider thermal windows. More

An extended season made of 1.75″  insulated wall, with single glazed aluminium windows. More

Essential series

A no-frills three seasons rooms made of 2″ wall, with either vertical or horizontal windows. More


Aall season vinyl sunroom

SRS10 – Prime 40 all season vinyl sunroom, studio style.


Vinyl insulated all season sunroom detail

SRS20 – Prime 40 all seasons vinyl sunroom detail.


Three seasons aluminum sunroom

SRS30 – Prime 35 three seasons sunroom, studio style.


Three seasons aluminum sunroom detail

SRS40 – Prime 35 three seasons aluminum sunroom detail.


Conventionally built insulated sunroom with clear roof

SRS50 – conventional construction sunroom. Glass roof shown.


Conventuional construction sunroom

SRS55 – conventional construction sunroom, polycarbonate insulated roof.


Sticks construction sunroom

SRS53 – traditional construction sunroom.


Traditional construction sunroom

SRS57 – traditional construction sunroom, inside view.



Studio style

Most popular style. Roof slopes towards the front of the room. Height is limited by the existing house’ wall height. Depends on the required use, the front wall can be app 7′ tall, or with transoms for a higher configuration.

Studio style sunroom, insulated

SRS60 – Prime 35 studio room.


Studio 23

SRS 70 – Prime 40 all season studio room.


Studio four seasons sunroom with steep clear roof

SRS80 – Prime 40 studio room with steep  clear roof.



Gable style

Also called ‘A’ frame or cathedral room. The ceiling will be higher, with a supporting beam throughout the roof’s projection. It Will be airier, but not always possible – the existing house’ wall needs to be tall enough to contain the raised ceiling. There is a way to circumvent this but it will add to the cost which is higher than the studio-style, to begin with.

Gable roof sunroom, vinylo all searons

SRS100 – cathedral roof.


Gable roof three seasons sunroom

SRS110 – cathedral roof.


Bungalow roof tie-in with an existing roof

SRS 120 – when the existing house not high enough, we build back towards the house’ peak – a reversed gable or a mock dormer.



Under existing roof

As the name suggests – where an existing roof prevails. Any code-compliant roof may be filled in. The room can be all-season or three seasons.

All season vinyl sunroom under existing roof

SRS 140 – Prime 40 all season room built under an existing roof.


Aluminum sunroom non insulated under existing roof

SRS150 – Prime 35 three seasons room under existing roof.


Raised room or double Decker

2nd floor insuated sunroom

SRS200 – Prime  40 room built at 2nd floor as bedroom extension.


3rd floor sunroom

SRS210 – 3rd floor Prime 40 sunroom.


Double Decker sunroom, all seasons

SRS220 – double-decker Prime  40 all-season rooms.


Where a room needs to be built on a raised deck. Needless to say, that structure has to comply with code and be professionally built.



Sunroom roofs

See solid insulated roofs and clear insulated roof  in the specific pages.


Common options

Glass configuration – where the glazing configuration can be all doors, windows with glass knee-wall, or windows with a solid panel. In our premium rooms, there is no charge for this option.

Solid kneewall

SRS305 – windows with solid knee-wall.


Glass knee wall

SRS307  – windows with glass knee-wall. Glass is per the room type – insulated with the all seasons room or single pane with the three seasons. For all applications, it is tempered.


All doors

SRS309 – operating glass sliding doors all the way to the floor.


Glass wings  – the triangular section below the roof at sidewalls.

Room with glass wing

SRS310 – room with glass wing on sidewall. Glass is per the room configuration – insulated or single pane.


Room with solid wing

SRS312 – room with a solid wing.


Wiringour Prime 35 and Prime 40 rooms come with integral raceways in the posts, so wiring can be easily installed.

Wiring in sunroom wall

SRS340 – wiring in sunroom posts.


Heating and cooling unit – being an all-glass room built without ducts, a heating and cooling unit can be fitted.

heating and cooling unit install;e in a kneewall

SRS350 – heating and cooling unit.


Ceiling wood panelling roof panels come with a stucco-like finish. You may dress it up with specialized ceiling planks.

Ceiling panels on suroom roof.

SRS370 – ceiling planks.


Other services

Self-install packages

We recommend self install only for an experienced tradesperson, let alone an amateur. It is not a task for the faint at heart. We offer prefabricated made-to-measure packages for our Essential three seasons rooms and Elite 35 and 40 – three and all-season rooms. The Prime room line products can be installed only by factory trained technicians. For builders and contractors, we will happily quote. For homeowners – our installation price is reasonable, and it is so much better to do it right and not save on account of possible self-installation flaws.

Base platform – room needs to sit on a solid code platform. Be it a wood deck, concrete slab or other. We may upgrade, insulate or rebuild the deck altogether. In many cases, the homeowner wishes to extend the new deck further, it works out cheaper if all done in one run.


Getting a permit is a tedious and lengthy process. There is an advantage for the homeowner to do it herself – it’s either our time or her time, depends which is costlier. Things may get complex if needs to escalate to the committee of adjustment, but with a simple case, the homeowner may get favourable treatment.

We can provide engineering drawings for the city or can do the full process. Inquire about charges.




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