Solid Patio Covers


Front porch cover

Non – insulated, solid flat roofs

We offer a wide range of prefabricated aluminium permanent patio covers. All are pre-made to suit your measurements, meaning little time spent on site and no mess at all. Require no maintenance and will serve you for decades. All components are engineered to perform in concert and configurations carry detailed engineering specifications to comply with your local building code.

For the DIY market – all our product can be self-installed, see more below and on the FAQ section.

Our patio covers are priced competitively to the traditional aluminium awnings, are stronger and can be made larger than the awnings.  This is the same structure we use for our carports, and are used for walkways, deck covers, entranceways and wherever protection from the elements is needed.

Prefabricated modules are strong, yet lightweight, installed in a fraction of the time needed as a traditional roof. An integral, concealed gutter keeps the water away, and its structure meets or exceeds the requirements for snow and wind load. The support system is finer than wood at the same strength.

It can be used at a lesser slope and larger span than conventional construction materials.

Post and beam system:
Posts come in 3″ aluminium square tubes, with a wall thickness of .090″ or .125″.
Beams are either made of the same material as posts, extruded aluminium 6″ ‘C’ beam, 4″ or 6″ ‘I’ beam or 8″ x 3″ beams for extreme applications.

Roof styles

We offer two styles – NP8 and WP24. Both systems are used for the same configuration. They differ by looks and cost, where the WP8 is more expensive.

NP8 series

NP8 – Contemporary styled 8″ wide, flat panel system, where panels interlock into each other. Offered in .032`and .040`thick roll-formed aluminium.
NP8 – SL, same as above, with 4`skylite inserts.

same, front end and cross beam detail.

NP8 cover detail, bottom view.

skylite pan roof front detail.

NP8 cover detail, top view.


NP8-SL cover simulation

skylite pan roof front detail.

NP8-SL cover detail showing skylites


NP8-SL cover simulation’

WP24 series

WP24 – a classic looking triple `V`panels, interlocking as well, offered in .030`thick roll formed aluminum.
WP24-SL – as above, with 24`multiwall polycarbonate clear panels.


WP24 cover detail


WP24 cover simulation


WP24 cover detail, showing clear panels.


WP24-SL cover simulation

See more on WP24 at the clear roof section, and more on all covers at roof primer page.


Integral mounting system:

All members are connected with specialized brackets designed to accept heavy mounting screws to the foundation and to the post / beam structure.

All roofs carry an integral gutter, made and finished to match the rest of the structure. It blends in to keep the overall appearance uniform.

All components are made of industrial-grade aluminium. Top panels are roll-formed, side fascias and gutter are either extruded or roll formed, depends on the specific product. The Wall hanger is extruded aluminium.

NP8 – top and framework white, posts in white, black and sand.
WP24 – top white, framework white and black, posts white and black.


For pricing and more information either call 905 761 5430, email us, or use the form at the bottom of this page.



Front porch configuration

Covers without skylites

 aluminum patio cover nicely blend with house' appearance

PCO10 – aluminum patio cover nicely blend with house’ appearance. NP8 shown.


 whiote aluminum patio cover nicely blend with house' appearance

PCO20 – close view of above. NP8 shown.


 aluminum patio cover nicely blend with house' appearance, side view

PCO30 – side view. NP8 shown.


patio cover replacing older one.

PCO40 – patio cover replacing older one. NP8 shown.



PC050 – front patio cover, posts ready for railing. NP8 shown.


Front porch roof

PCO60 – front porch cover. WP24 shown.


wrap around patio cover over front stairs and side entrance.

PCO70 – wrap around patio cover over front stairs and side entrance. NP8 shown.


wrap around patio cover over front stairs and side entrance, corner detail

PCO80 – corner detail. NP8 shown


wrap around patio cover over front stairs and side entrance side view

PCO90- side view. NP8 shown


front porch cover where posts used as part of the railing.

PCO100 – front porch cover where posts used as part of the railing. NP8 shown


front porch cover where posts used as part of the railing, side view

PCO110 – same, side view. NP8 shown


Front porch cover between walls

PCO115 – entrance cover between two walls. NP8 shown


 wall to wall front entrance cover.

PCO116 – entrance cover between two walls. NP8 shown



front patio veranda cover.

PCO120 – front patio veranda cover. NP8 shown.


small landing cover.

PCO130  – small landing cover. WP24 shown.


 front entrance cover, installed by home owner.

PCO140 – front entrance cover, installed by home owner. NP8 shown.


 front patio cover.

PCO150 – tall front entrance cover. NP8 shown.


W type patio cover

PCO160 – 2n floor balcony roof. Wp24 shown.


 mini cover over side door.

PCO180 – a mini canopy over the side door. NP8 shown.


vestibule with a roof extension.

PCO190 – vestibule with a roof extension. NP8 custom painted shown.


Covers with skylites,  SL series

Installations shown below are NP8/SL. For WP24/SL see the combination tab on our clear roofs page.

 front door canopy with skylites.

PCO200 – front entrance cover. NP8 – SL shown with extra skylite panels.


 front door canopy with skylites.

PCO210 – front entrance cover. NP8 – SL shown with extra skylite panels.



Back porch configuration

Covers without skylites


PCO300 – solid canopy over backyard deck. NP8 shown.


 deck cover installed by home owner.

PCO310 – self-installed deck roof. NP8 shown.


 deck cover installed by home owner.

PCO320 – as above, NP8 shown.


 backyard canopy.

PCO330 – backyard canopy. NP8 shown.


deck cover.

PCO340 – deck cover. NP8 shown.


back stone patio cover.

PCO360 – back stone patio cover. NP8 shown.


small patio cover installed under soffit.

PCO370 – deck cover, WP24 shown.


W type patio cover

PCO380- small patio cover installed under soffit. WP24 shown.


long back deck canopy.

PCO390 – deck cover, NP8 shown.


 back patio cover.

PCO400 – deck canopy. NP8 shown.


back yard stone patio canopy.

PCO410 – backyard patio cover. NP8 shown.


 raised deck pan roof.

PCO420 – 2nd floor back balcony. NP8 shown.



PCO440 – balcony roof. WP24 shown.


PCO450 – WP24 patio cover with optional wings.


PCO442 – As above, different view.


60' long back yard cover.

PCO450 – long back yard cover. WP24 shown.


Covers with skylites,  SL series

back yard patio cover with skylites over a deck.

PCO460 – deck cover. NP8 / SL shown.


back patio cover with integral 4" skylite panels.

PCO470- back patio cover with integral 4″ skylite panels. NP8 / SL shown

Backyard canopy

PCO480 – NP8 / SL shown


large patio cover with skylits.

PCO490 – NP8 / SL shown


skylite detail.

PCO500 – NP8 / SL shown


backyard cover with skylite inserts.

PCO510- back patio cover. NP8 / SL shown


front balcony roof with skylites.

PCO520 – NP8 / SL shown


backyard deck canopy.

PCO530 – raised deck pan roof. NP8 / SL shown


 back porch covered with aluminum pan roof and skylites.

PCO540 – NP8 / SL shown



PCO550 – WP24 / SL shown



PCO520 – WP24 / SL shown



PCO554 – WP24 / SL shown



PCO556 – WP24 / SL shown




Basement entrance covers

Installation shown below are NP8 and NP8/SL.

small basement entrance cover

PCO300 – small basement entrance cover


basement stairs cover combined with aluminum railing.

PCO310 – basement stairs cover combined with aluminium railing.


basement entrance cover 2a

PCO315 – basement stairs cover.


Basement staires cover close up 1

PCO318 – close up.


 wrap around steps cover.

PCO320 – wrap around steps cover.


gable style basement entrance cover.

PCO330 – gable style basement entrance cover.


 small side basement entrance canopy.

PCO340 – small side basement entrance canopy.


 basement entrance cover with integral clear panels.



basement entrance canopy with skylites.

PCO 352 – basement entrance cover with integral clear panels.




Commercial applications

smoking shelter at a factory.

PCO 400 – smoking shelter at a factory.


 smoking shelter with one side enclosed.

PCO 410 – smoking shelter with one side enclosed.


Smoking shelter for seniors home

PCO 415 – seniors residence smoking shelter. NP8 shown.



 PCO 420 – covered walkway at a plant, protected with glass at the front.


PCO 430 – seniors residence solid aluminium roof over the entrance.


PCO 440 – aluminium smoking shelter trooping under heavy snow load.



Patio covers – frequently asked questions


  1. What is this product?
    Engineered, all-aluminium prefabricated structure, with aluminium roof.
  2. What is it not?
    Corrugated steel over 2”x4” lumber nailed together.
  3. If it is not corrugated, what is it?
    Rolled to form heavy gauge aluminium.
  4. What is the support system made of?
    Heavy gauge extruded aluminium posts and beam.
  5. How do the prices compare?
    The price for our system is much more expensive than the corrugated or wood structure.
  6. What is this product used for?
    To cover open-air structures, such as carports, walkways, porch and deck covers.
  7. How is it installed?
    Lean-to configuration, connected to the house’ wall at one side and on a line of posts and cross beam at the other.
  8. Can it be free-standing?
    Yes, but it requires a much more elaborate structure and foundation, which translates into a costlier solution.
  9. What are the standard sizes?
    There are no standard sizes. Each patio cover is made to your required size.
  10. What width can I have?
    Width is unlimited – we keep adding panels to the width required.
  11. What projection can I have”
    Projection is limited by the material strength and local snow load. In most areas, we can have a 14′ projection. Note that posts will be up top 12′ from the supporting wall. For projection deeper than that need to add another line of supporting posts.
  12. How far are the posts from each other?
    Depends on the projection and snow load. 7′ can be a safe assumption.
  13. What colours are available?
    Top (roof) panels white only. Posts and cross beam offered in white, black and sand.
    Custom colours possible at a premium, but are not recommended.
  14. What finish is the paint?
    Powder-coated baked paint, semi-gloss.
  15. Can I paint it myself?
    Yes, but while original paint is made to last for decades, once you apply another coat you will require to repaint every couple of years.
  16. Will it rust?
  17. What is the warranty?
    Ten years provided installed correctly.
  18. Can it be installed over a BBQ or fireplace?
  19. Will it leak?
    No, if properly installed.
  20. How do I clean it?
    Rinse with water will remove most dirt.
  21. Do I  need to clean the gutter?
    Yes, as with your house’ gutter.
  22. Can I remove the panels for the winter?
    You could, but what for?
  23. How will it fit with the rest of my house decor?
    We don’t know.



  1. What forces does the roof resist?
    Wind force and snow load.
  2. What are these factor in my area?
    We have load tables for Ontario. May be able to assist in other areas, check on line or with your municipality.
  3. How strong is the roof?
    Load resistance is calculated with the support point as a factor. For example, at a 10’ projection, it can hold up to 44 lbs / sqft.
  4. Can I use wood posts with this roof?
    Yes, but then we cannot ascertain the overall structural strength.
  5. Can I walk on the roof?
    Yes. Use a board – plywood sheet – if you need to walk on top.
  6. What roof panel thicknesses are available?
    – NP8 series – .032” and .040”
    – WP24 series -.030”
  7. What thickness do I need?
    Depends on the projection, brace point and your specific snow load.
  8. What about the front overhang?
    Can be done up to 2’.
  9. What size are the panels?
    – NP8 – 8” wide.
    – WP24 – 24” wide.
    Length can be up to 22’ long in one section.
  10. What support system is used?
    3″ extruded aluminium square tubes, .090″ or .0125″ wall thickness. For cross beam same tube, or 4″ HD ‘I’ beam, or 6″ ultra duty ‘I’ beam.
  11. How many skylites – clear panels -can I have?
    – With the NP8 series one 4” clear panel every five 8” solid panels. Clear panels cannot be installed adjacent to each other. Having said that, in short projection can have more clear panels as the overall load is low.
    – With the WP24 series you can install as many as you wish, even to the full width.
  12. What slope is needed?
    1:12 minimum.
  13. Where are the posts mounted?
    We recommend a 1’ setback at the front.
  14. What should the posts be mounted on?
    Any solid and well-anchored surface – good deck, concrete slab, foundation pier.
  15. Can I anchor the posts to interlocking stone or pavers?
    No. The first major wind will rip it off.
  16. I have a heavy concrete slab that has been in place since the time of the Vikings. While heavy, it heaves with each winter. Can the posts be anchored there?
    Yes. The wall-mounted hanging header allows for a hinge-like movement, so the front end may sway a bit without disturbing the structure’s integrity.
  17. What does the roof’s frame consist of?
    Front integral gutter, back (wall site) limited sway hanger, and two side facia panels. All made of extruded aluminium, pre-painted to match.


Quotes and ordering

  1. How can I have a quote?
    We offer two avenues: supply and install by us, or supply only a ready to go kit.
    – For supply and install, you may fill the form below, email with approximate measurements or call us. You will promptly get a budget price via email or phone.
    – For a self-install kit see later on this page.
  2. I think it’s best that you will see my house.
    Good. Please advise your address, and if it is within our service area we will pass by during working hours and see what can be done.  Will get back to you with concept and budget.
  3. How do I explain what I want?
    It is what can be done rather than what you want.  All we need is a basic idea of where you want it, and upon site inspection will provide you with all options.
  4. I am good with the price and the product. What’s next?
    If we are yet to see the house and carport location, we will go there to confirm all details and measurements.
    Thereafter we will either email a formal offer for your acceptance or will meet with you under the understanding that an order will be placed there and then.
  5. Nevertheless, I want someone to come to my house and meet me after hours to have a free consultation.
    Regrettably, we do not offer this service. We do not set an appointment unless we have a firm commitment for an order.
  6. But I am home only after hours.
    So are we.
  7. How long does it take to get it installed?
    After the order is placed it takes approximately three weeks to get the material prepared, and thereafter to get into the installation lineup. Weather permitting all is done 4-5 weeks after the order is placed.


  1. Can I install it myself?
    If you are a qualified tradesperson or have DIY experience and trust yourself.
  2. Do you provide structure specifications?
    There are several options:
    – Generic load tables can be supplied at no cost.
    – Site-specific drawings at a charge.
    – Engineer’s seal, if required, at a charge.
  3. Are installation instructions available?
  4. How many people are needed to install?
    Panels are light. However, they are cut to length so may be awkward for one person to handle. Two is best.
  5. What tools do I need?
    Over the basic tools, you are likely to require a hammer drill and a saw with an aluminium blade.
  6. What is in a kit?
    Kit includes all the panels, frame, posts and accessories you need. All pre-cut, save for the posts that need to be cut on-site.
  7. What else do I need?
    Wall and floor brackets anchors, bolts or screws, to use on the hanging wall and base material.
  8. What information do you need for a quote?
    – Width and projection: width is on the house wall, projection is from the wall out.
    – Location to ascertain snow load, clear height on the hanging wall, anchoring base information.
  9. I live in your service area, will you come to see the site?
    For supply only we charge for consultation and measuring.
  10. What about shipping?
    Our prices exclude shipping. We may get a shipping quote upon request.
  11. Can I haul it myself?
    You need a proper vehicle or trailer or rent a truck. Note that panels are cut to your measurements so can be long.
  12. How long does it take to get it?
    About three weeks.

If you need information that is not given here, please email us and will reply and update the list.



For pricing and more information either call 905 761 5430,  email us, or use the form below.

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