Insulated roofs

Insulated roof on 2nd floor balcony.

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Engineered, high insulation and structural values. Foam or honeycomb structure. Used for house’ extensions, sunrooms and enclosures. Due to extreme load resistance, used also to cover open spaces in high snow load areas. Fast and simple installation. Available with or without posts system. Installed year-round. Offered with our installation or as a DIY kit.


Prefabricated insulated roofs are a practical and neat solution to cover an enclosed area, with hardly any mess and no downtime. Roof panels are 3′ wide and are cut to desired length and total width, so installation of a large area is very fast, compared a conventional framed roof. A 300 SQFT area can be covered, secured and sealed in one day.

Insulated panels are used for sunrooms and enclosures, with both insulated or non-insulated wall system. If the non-insulated roof is used for a non-insulated enclosure, the ceiling will condensate as the outside temperature drops, hence the need for insulated roofs.

Same panels can be used to cover open areas, and are popular for porch covers in high snow load areas due to their extreme strength.

Being prefabricated and engineered products, these panels are made under strict quality control, eliminating the risk of on-site carpentry. They do not twist or warp and need no maintenance.

A typical panel is made of two aluminium skins with either foam or honeycomb cores. The 3′ wide panels are connected via positive interlock or couplers, where the end panel may be cut to size to fit a preset size.

The honeycomb panel is the stronger of the two. Made with top and bottom aluminium skins, and nested hexagon cells. Cells are made of phenolic resin impregnated craft, making them fireproof, bugs, moisture and fungi resistant. Made to ASTM E1091-86, it offers superior strength to weight ratio.


PCI10 – Honeycomb pane

The foam panels look similar from the outside, but the inside core is closed cell expanded high-density polystyrene foam. Made to ASTM C-578-01 specification, it offers a very good strength to weight ratio.


PCI20 – foam panel


Aluminium top and bottom skins are double-coated – first baked enamel then second, hard and clear protective layer, makes the finish last for many years. The same coating repels water and sheds ice and snow.


The thicker the panel the stronger it is. To provide for wide spans at various snow loads we offer the honeycomb panels in 3″ or 4.5″ thickness, and the foam in 3″ 4.5″ and 6″.

All prefabricated roofs come with side fascias and gutter extrusions. For an open area, we offer the same mounting system as with the non-insulated patio covers.

A word for the wise: a true structural panel has to be made for this purpose. There are similar-looking panels that are commercial freezer panels. While the insulation values are at par, the freezer panels’ are not meant to be used as roof let alone carry snow load.


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 insulated porch cover.

PCI30 – insulated porch cover.


insulated balcony cover.

PCI40 – insulated balcony cover.



PCI142 – insulated roof over a deck.


insulated roof over a wood deck.

PCI145 – insulated roof over a wood deck.


 insulated front porch cover.

PCI50 – insulated front porch cover.


 insulated roof cut to irregular shape.

PCI160 – insulated roof cut to irregular shape.


insulated roof over a three seasons roof.

PCI170 – insulated roof over a three seasons roof.


 top view of integral gutter.

PCI80 – top view of integral gutter.


gutter cross section.

PCI90 – gutter cross-section.



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