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Door hood over two doors



When green was just a color, long before the environment was a factor in home design and when energy costs were rational, we had offered the ultimate energy-saving device. The permanent aluminum awning, installed over windows much reduces cooling costs in the summer while eliminating ice build-up in winter. Some half a century ago when air conditioners became a household fixture, energy was cheap and fenestration technology leaped forward, the awning fell from grace.

Today, with soaring energy prices and with increased awareness of the environment, the awning stages a comeback – and a major one at that. We install more awnings a week now than what we used to do in a month, just a few years ago.

Awnings are everywhere – in new and old homes, over windows and porches, entry doors, and passageways.

Our awnings are made of .040″ solid interlocking aluminum sheets with a full 8″ valance – deeper and stronger than other comparable products.  A variety of colors and combinations thereof are offered at no extra charge.  Awnings are made and installed to last for decades, structurally and with a lasting finish. Needs no service or maintenance, and the baked paint always looks new. They can be installed without support with a generous slope to keep the snow away, or with supporting beams where a wide projection or a lesser slope if required. If needed, the posts can be used as part of a railing system, for a complete look.

At the ‘More’ tab see options and available colors.

Note that our awnings are permanent, not retractable.

We offer two types of permanent aluminum awnings:

Pan awnings, where the sections run perpendicular to the wall. This is the most popular style, provides better strength and clears the snow faster. This style is available in closed or vented sides curtains.

Step-down awnings, where the sections run parallel to the wall. This style needs further reinforcement and is prone to leakage when the snow melts. While it is popular in the south, it is hardly seen in Canada.

See awnings applications per tabs above, terminology, and measuring guide at the ‘More’ tab.


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Porch awnings

front awning with mini gutter

AAW10 – permanent aluminum awning installed at front porch with columns (double posts with scrolls)


Front of house awning

AAW15 – low overhead awning at front porch.



AAW20 – same, side view, note the mini gutter at the front.


front_awning (2)

AAW30 – front porch awning with posts installed within existing steel railing.


Front awning brown

AAW40 – Front porch awning using extended railing posts as support.



AAW50 – Awning installed over concert porch that is wider than the wall area.



AAW60  – awning installed over tall entrance.











Small front porch canopy






Awning with bay window cutout

AAW120 – awning with a corner cutout to match a bay window.


white awning front



Black awning with cut scallops and mini gutter.

AAW140 – awning with trimmed scallops and mini gutter at front.


Square detail

AAW145 – closer look at above. Note the mini gutter detail.



AAW150 – trimmed awning with a mini gutter.





railing posts used to support the awning.

AAW180 – railing posts used to support the awning.



AAW190 – ramp awning.


Front entrance awning



back porch cover




Backyard awnings

12' projection backyard canopy.

AAw 220





back yard patio cover






Backyard awning





Porch and stairs awnings

Side awning using railing posts as support.

AAW300 – Side awning using railing posts as support.

home office entrance awning

AAW320 – home office entrance awning.


as above, not side brace where we could not install a post.

AAW325 – as above, note side brace where we could not install a post.


basement entrance canopy.

AAW330 – basement entrance canopy.




Door hoods

 free hanging canopy over double doors.

AAW400 – free hanging canopy over double doors.


Door hood.

AAW410 – door hood.


door hood

AAW420 – door hood


trimmed door hood with mini gutter.

AAW430 – trimmed door hood with a mini gutter.


Side door hood



canopy over front entrance.

AAw450- commercial application.


Commercial awning

AAW460 – commercial application.




 Window awnings


AAW500 – window awning.


window awning brace detail. Needed with wide and deep awnings.

AAW510 – window awning brace detail. Needed with wide and deep awnings. 


Self supporting window awnings







AAW540 – door and window awnings.


AAW545 – door and window awnings.


Front window awning



Porch and window awnings

AAW560 – porch and window awning.


Window and porch awnings



window awning close up



Window awnings




More information

Mounting detail

post mounting detail connecting to hat section.

AAW800 – post mounting detail connecting to hat section.


column mounting detail showing 'I' beam to support deep projection.

AAW810 – column mounting detail showing ‘I’ beam to support deep projection.

Awning colours

Awnings can be made in one colour or a combination of colours. Please use the samples below as reference. Colours are on the outside – top of awning, while the underneath is white. There is no additional charge for colours or combination thereof.

Note – colours are subject to your monitor / printer rendering. Actual colours may vary. More colours may be available – please check with us.




Awnings explained

Our awnings are made of strong, heavy-gauge aluminium, baked enamel finish, sure to last for decades without losing its lustre Panels are “U” shaped, 5” modules,  interlocking into each other to ensure maximum structural strength.

Due to its superior mechanical strength, we can install our awnings at projections up to 4’ deep, without support. For wide awnings, we provide additional beam reinforcement – see picture “AAw810” above.

Where posts are needed, we offer either 1” or 1.5” heavy gauge square posts, or – essentially double posts with connecting scrolls.


For pricing and more information either call tall free  (855) 780 6054, email us, or use the form at the bottom of this page.


Awning terminology

Awning terminology is simple: there are three dimensions: width, drop and projection. Please see the sketch below.

Awning terminology


Valance height is always 8″, and is included in the drop.


Drop calculation – ideally, for unsupported awnings such as window awnings, we would like to see a generous slope. A basic formula is: D” = P” / 2 + 6; where D is overall drop and P is projection. Example -48” projection: 48/2 + 6 = 30”.

For supported awnings – we can do with a 1:12 slope. Note that drop is calculated to include the valance – always 8”.  As such, say for 10’ projection you’ll need 10” + 8”, for a total drop of 18”.

When measuring an awning, allow for at least 6″ more at each exposed size:

Awning measuring



Drop on a bungalow’s front porch can be limited, where the soffit height does not allow for a sufficient slope. We need the height (clear height) from the porch floor to the soffit, as well as the porch’s depth. See sketch below:

Awning install 1



Once awning is installed, there should be at least 78″ height from bottom of the awning to the porch floor:


Awning install 2



If overhang is too low to obtain the 78″ clearance, we can make the awning deeper so that it will extend over the first step, to gain app 7″ in height:
Awning install 3















In some cases we can hang the awning on the fascia board bottom, so it can be a tad shallower:

Awning install 4



For DIY projects – we can manufacture the awning for your measurements and supply it. However, we would strongly recommend our expert installation.


For pricing and more information either call 905 761 5430, email us, or use the form at the bottom of this page


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