We stand against the elements.

We are the source for all open and closed space weather shelters: sunrooms, porch enclosures, patio covers, canopies, carports, awnings and walkways. Residential, commercial and recreational applications. Ready to install and custom made kits. We have available solutions for most applications, and if needed will design and fabricate them for you. Our products are engineered and built to withstand heavy snow and high wind, anything nature has in store.

We possess both back office and field expertise. Our on-site estimators know all about our products and solutions, and our installation crews take great pride in their skill.

We serve all.

Contractors – we offer technology, design and supply of weather shelters such as carports, patio covers and canopies. From ready to install prefabricated structures to custom designs. We have the product your client needs, or we will design and make it.

Dealers – one-stop-shop for awnings, canopies and alike, packaged to go. Add a line of specialized products, increase your offering.

Home owners – we serve you too. We supply and install in or catchment area, or will refer a qualified contractor from nearby you. Most of our products fit as do it yourself projects, where you may get all ready to install – just add muscle.

We are brick and mortar.

We are for real. We are not just an online address.
We have a workshop, warehouses, offices and showroom. We pay the same attention to big or small orders and are always open to lend a hand or idea when needed.

We specialize.

We do what we know, and do only that.
Offering a vertical line of expertise, we have all the technology, know-how, options and variations at hand. If we do not have a ready solution, will tailor it to your needs. We may not be always the best in any of our particular lines, nor be the cheapest, but we believe overall we offer the most reliable products and knowledge.

We offer variety.

No sole manufacturer has solutions for all configurations. We represent several major manufacturers for all our lines. This means that we will always have the correct solution, not a shoe-horned one.

We know what we sell.

Having decades of hands-on experience with the product lines we offer, we can advise, guide and design. We do not sell from a catalogue, neither are we the new kid on the block trying to jump on the bandwagon.

We sell pro class products.

We are serious about our products, and sell serious products, same as professionals use. When we offer DIY assemblies, it is not a knocked down for shipping kits with hundreds of Ikea type small parts. Our products are not a replica but the real thing made to last for a lifetime.

About this site.

This site is meant to be as simple as possible. We avoided glitz and pizzazz, focused on the product, not on the packaging.  A customer once called it ‘old fashioned’ which we fully agree with. Our aim is to educate, inform and present our products as best and as accurately as possible, so we added plenty of pictures. Note that pictures were not taken by professionals but by mortals: installers, estimators and homeowners.

For information on our product lines, please see the products page.  Or you may begin with our residential roofs primer. At the bottom of most pages, you will find a dedicated information request form, or you may use the contact page.

Thank you for visiting Sepio.

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