Extended three seasons – Elite line


Midrange extended three-season sunroom.  Comparable with high end products offered by other suppliers. Used as an all-purpose additional living space for most months of the year.  20 years warranty. Installed at any season.  No mess, less than one week on site installation.  Offered with our installation or DIY kits.


Our Elite 35 three seasons room is designed focusing on structural integrity, ease of use, neat appearance, longevity and yet at budget price. Structure comes in 1.75″ thick profiles and wall, internally coupled for additional strength and rigidity. Bottom knee wall is insulated, similar to our Prime 35 sunroom walls, only thinner.

Bottom of wall:

Same as with it’s senior brother, the floor track is fully protected against water leaks via a combined system, allowing for slopped sill, drainage system, gasket and a bead of sealant. This way you will not have any water seeping in even at the harshest weather.
Floor channel mounted on a barrier to isolate it from the concrete or wood substrate, for additional protection.

Wall structure:

Wall sections are structural, and are insulated – 1.75” thick wall section, comprised of four layer wall section: inside / outside a colour coded aluminum skin, a layer of high density polystyrene and a layer of OSB – same boards as used on new R2000 compliant houses. Being also structurally strong, it withstands the elements and your snow shovel.

Rotating header:

The roof rests on the on the front wall section. We use a self-adjusting rotating header that distributes the roof’s weight between both sides of the wall. Installing the roof on the outside wall edge may cause the wall to buckle under the roof’s weight. Further, this adds a neat-finished looks to the wall, without superficial unsightly trim.

Knee wall:

A 20” section at the bottom of the wall is made of solid insulated 1.75″ walls section. Tempered glass can be used at a premium.


Aluminum sliding windows installed within the wall sections. Window panes use rollers for easy operation. Integral screens installed on windows.


Sliding doors are available at 5’, 6’ wide openings. Other sizes can be made as a special order.


Annealed single glazed units within a low profile aluminum frames.


To cover your new room we carry insulated roofs at several thicknesses and build. Roof specs are defined by the room’s span and your area snow load. See our insulated covers section for more detail. We offer both solid and clear roofs, and may dress the solid roof with a wood paneling for a warm and cozy feel.


Trivial as it may be, we offer the only sunroom in the market that comes with integral gutter, made of extruded aluminum, colour coded. Large rooms need to drain lots of water, so if gutter is surface mounted water may splash over, seep between gutter and fascia or gutter may dent and fail altogether.


All exposed products are manmade, no organics such as wood, so there is nothing to deteriorate, swell or warp. Rooms require no maintenance or painting, save for an occasional trough and track cleaning


Our resourceful and experienced designers see solutions where others do not. Engineering, designs, plans, and permit packages are always at your disposal.

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