Privacy and sun screens

Retractable sun shade



Vertical retractable privacy and solar screens for your deck, patio or hot tub. Powered by electrical motor with a remote control, or manually winded.  Choose from full privacy to light shading. A fly proof kit can convert these screens into an insect proof area.


Same product shown at our external sun shade page, is used at free standing configuration to protect open areas against the sun and for added privacy.  Screen rolls into a small cassette,  visible only when needed, and out of sight at rest of the time.

Screens can be used anywhere. To shade a porch, an open pergola or on its own just for privacy. Cassette and guides can be attached to existing structure, posts, walls and anything in between. Wide spans can be covered with connected screens,  so any possible area could be shaded.

To fully proof a sitting area against insects, the unique ‘zipper’ interlock seals the gap along  the posts, so area is mosquito free. With a clear specialized mesh, the shades could double as fly screen, making it the perfect companion for your evenings on the patio.


Sizes are custom made to meet you porch or patio measurements.   All sizes are fitted with electric motor, where smaller sizes screens can be substituted with manual crank handle.  A wide offering of material and hardware colours will match your existing colour scheme. Shades are made of acrylic exterior awning fabric, or with PVC coated polyester or fiberglass.  Material opacity can be from as light as fly screen to fully obscure.

Guides are either stainless steel cord, stainless steel rod or extruded aluminum track. Specific guide type is defined with use and mounting consideration in mind.




open air pergola side shaded.

PSS10 – open air pergola side shaded.

Retractable sun screen

PSS20 – inside view of screen.


images (1)images (1)

See screens in motion.


Zipper guide - enclosed screen room.

PSS30 – “zipper’ detail, showing guide for enclosed areas.


sun screens on an open patio.  

PSS40 – sun screens on an open patio.


 inside view of solar shades.

PSS50 – inside view of solar shades.



sepio sun shades

PSS60 – privacy screen at side of pergola.


sepio sun screens

PSS70 – retractable shade in front of open porch.


sepio privacy screens

PSS80 – sun shades rolled out at back of patio.



PSS90 – fully enclosed deck with retractable privacy screens.


free standing pergola with privacy screen

PSS95 – free standing canopy with sunshade installed at side posts.


privacy sepio weather shelers

PSS100 – privacy screen rolled down, at side of patio.



sun protection

PSS110 – patio shaded with retractable screens.


balcony shade

PSS120 – front balcony shaded with solar screens.


sepio balcony

PSS130 –  open balcony with retractable fly screen.


sepio shade

PSS140 – as above – side view.


sepio privacy

PSS150 – privacy screen drawn down.


manual retractable screen

PSS160 – manually operated shade.