External sun shades

Inside view sunshades


External motorized or manual; sun and privacy protection. Intercepts the heat before it gets into the house. Rolls out when needed, disappears when not. Does not interfere with house’ decor.


In a land of extreme temperature changes as Canada, prime concern is cold proofing the house. Nevertheless, summer temperatures are high and so are cooling hydro bills.

Heat is transferred via three ways: conducting, radiating and convection. With a window, heat gets into the house in all three forms. Once the heat has passed the window, common knowledge is to contain it with counter measures – blocking it with blinds and reducing it with chilled air.

Modern thermal glass window coatings such a low E’ may slightly reduce the solar heat gain; but it is the inverse of protection against cold transfer, so when main aim is to fighting winter’s cold, heat resistance falls victim.

In relatively Europe’s moderate whether and in world’s hot regions, heat transfer is reduced with either wide overhang over windows – as window used awnings here, or with external shutters, hinged or rolling. A seasoned traveler would assert that air-conditioning is hardly seen in Europe, even at old-world luxury hotels.

It makes perfect sense to stop the heat before it gets into the house. It also substantially cut cooling costs, as need for air conditioning is minimal, used mainly for ventilation and to reduce humidity.

Heat gain graph

Our take on this are the external solar shades. Mounted above your windows and doors in a small cassette, the shades are controlled via hand held or wall mounted control. Dropped down when you need them, out of sight when you don’t.

Modern houses feature large windows, as cold proofing technology has evolved in recent decades. When energy costs were reasonable air-conditioning was the solution, but no more. Summer hydro bills are the best evidence for the high cost we pay for comfort. Just imagine cutting your summer hydro bill by 30% or more.

Similar to internal roll-down blinds, but made of rugged outdoor material, our external shades do not interfere with you decor. No cords, gathered drapes or blinds are inside the house, just click the remote control button and the shades roll up or down.

Where with ordinary in-house shades the windows need stay closed, our external shades are held in place by firm yet hardly visible wall mounted guides. What it means is that you can open your windows for the breeze, yet keeping the heat out.

Privacy is an added value – available fabrics control visibility from 5% to 100%. You may drop the shads down at night, and yet have the window slightly open – the best of both worlds.

Outdoor use

Where you wish to protect your deck or hot tub for either privacy, sun or rain, our shades are the perfect solution. Outdoor summers would be so much more pleasant as you control the shades as the sun sways around your deck. With four-zone remote control, you may operate all shades without leaving your chair.

The solar shade guides can be attached to existing posts, walls and anything in between, covering wide spans so any possible area could be shaded.

To fully enclose a sitting area against insects, the unique ‘zipper’ interlock fully seal the gap next to the posts, so area is mosquito free. With a clear specialized mesh, the shades could double as fly screen, making it the perfect companion for your evenings on the patio. see more at the privacy screen page.


Sizes are custom to meet you window or door size. All sizes are fitted with electric motor, where smaller sizes motors can be substituted with manual crank handle.  A wide offering of material and hardware colours will match your existing colour scheme. Shades are made of acrylic exterior awning fabric, or with PVC coated polyester or fiberglass.  Material opacity can be from as light as fly screen to fully obscure.

Guides can be either stainless steel cord, stainless steel rod or extruded aluminum track. Specific guide type is defined with use and mounting consideration in mind.


Shade simulation

ESS10 – external sunshades in three positions – fully retracted, midway and fully dropped.



images (1)images (1)images (1)images (1)

Watch the shades in motion.


house with all windows protected against sun

ESS20 – installed at south facing wall.


Roll Up Solar Shade

ESS30 – optional awning style bottom.



Round top window sunproof

ESS40 – irregular – round top window covered. Note the cassette on top of the window and the stainless Steel  guides at both window sides.


Roll Up Solar Shade halfway down

ESS50 – shade partly dropped.



ESS60 – shade fully closed.



sun screens on window

ESS70 – inside view. Note the shade dropped half way outside, no interference with inside decor.


outside windows sun shades

ESS80 – where curtains leave no room for ordinary internal shades, outside mounted shades are ideal.


vertical sun shades

ESS90 – external screens are the perfect match for modern and clean-line, minimalist interior.


sunroom sun protection

ESS100 – with large glass opening such as the shown sun room wall, our shades make it usable at hottest months.



window sun proof

ESS110 – wide colour selection, to anyone`s taste. Note the extruded aluminum guides.


doors sun protection

ESS120 – extra dark shades protecting southern exposure.


patio heat resitant

ESS200 – enclosed patio with mounted solar shades.


backyard shades

ESS210 – as above, other sides of house protected with matching shades.


deck shades

ESS220 – a screen room protected with matching shads.


Roll Up Solar Shade suinroom

ESS230 – privacy added to exposed side.


wood door sun protection UV

ESS240 – wood doors will fast deteriorate where left exposed to the sun. External shades adds years of maintenance free to your fenestration.


UV resistant screens

ESS250 – a glass wall heat is controlled with lite material, yet keeps room bright.


window heat protection

ESS260 – note the cassette under the eaves – hardly visible.


porch heat shades

ESS280 – sunroom wall – all glass, protected with external sun shades.



screen enclosure

ESS300 – balcony enclosed with a rollup shades, double as a flyscreen.


sunroom solarium sun resistance

ESS310 – sunroom glass wall fitted with our shades.


sunroom solarium heat reduction

ESS330 – as above, side fully dropped and front halfway down.


sunroom blinds

ESS340 – sunroom front wall, fully retracted shades.


sunroom solarium heat proof

ESS350 – as above, halfway down.


reducing heat sunroom

ESS360 – as above, fully dropped.



commercial sun shades

ESS400 – commercial configuration, half dropped.


commercial heat shades

ESS410 – as above, shade fully retracted.