Roof hanging

Lean-to roof is best hung on a solid wall. It is not always possible due to low soffit line. A method of hanging the roof on the soffit is described below. It is an outline only and should not be taken as a recommendation or suggestion. If used, it has to be done professionally with proper tools, lumber and safety protection. Always check with your municipality if this method is accepted by them. We do  not recommend or endorse this method, and take no responsibility whatsoever for any result of such installation.

1inch facia + rafters (fixed)

1. Existing rafters and joists are made of 2×6 or 2×8 lumber. Faecia board is same height, but 3/4″ thick.


single rafters

2. Remove the fascia board.


double rafters

3. Double the rafters and joists with matching lumber, as deep as you may reach. Nail all together.


2inch facia + rafters double (fixed)

4. Install a 2×6 or 2×8 lumber as a fascia board, properly nail to original and doubles rafters.

5. Install the wall hanger on the new fascia board with suitable lug bolts.