Basement stairs

Having a basement apartment is a way to reduce the mortgage burden, or just an extra income source. With the benefits there are also owner’s commitments, not the least of which is securing a snow free and safe passage down the stairs. In the summer, rain water flow down the landing, where with less than perfect drainage water accumulate there.

The first solution that comes to mind is an enclosure, to fully enclose the stairs area with glass walls. It seems like the best option, but in reality, it is not.

  • Cost – a decent basement satires enclosure would cost over $10,000. A handyman special or a fly-by-night installer could be cheaper, but will be worth even less.
  • Heat – fully enclosed satires area will become a hothouse in summer. Opening windows from inside will require a ladder, so windows will need to operate from outside hence defeating the perceived added security.
  • Roof – needs to be insulated, else humidity from the downstairs apartment will condensate on the roof, drip and freeze. As area is not heated, an insulated roof is just unavoidable expense.
  • Feasibility – in many cases there is a window just above the basement stairs. In such case the enclosure’s roof needs to be mounted above the window, extending the enclosure’s wall height to it. This translates to additional wall footage, in turn translates to extra costs.

The real solution is cover – a roof – over the stairs. It costs a fraction of the matching enclosure. It solves the snow and rain issues most days, save for driving rain or blizzard, for which we offer a solution as well, see later. It blends nicely with the house appearance, less pronounced than a full enclosure. We offer stairs cover in solid or clear top or combination thereof. Where a window is on the way, cover cost remains same.

To protect from driving rain or snow storm we offer matching glass railings, that look much better than a full enclosure, again at a fraction of the cost. Such railings are 42″ tall, so will keep rain and snow away from the stairs.

True that in extreme weather snow will still find its way to the stairs, but clearing it once a year is still cheaper than paying for a full enclosure, and this structure looks much better every day of the year.

Below please see enclosure we made, and basement entrance covers.


Basement stairs enclosures

basement entrance enclosure.

All aluminum enclosure adjacent to wall, vertical sliding windows.



All aluminum enclosure adjacent to wall, horizontal sliding windows.



All aluminum enclosure prependicular to wall, horizontal sliding windows.

Basement stairs covers


Clear polycarbonate cover.

basement entrance cover 2a

Non-insulated NP8

clear over stairs

Non-insulated polycarbonate, ‘ice’ finish.



Non-insulated polycarbonate, ‘ice’ finish.



Stair cover

Non-insulated polycarbonate, ‘ice’ finish.


Patio Cover Carport Canopy

Non-insulated clear glass.



Non-insulated polycarbonate, ‘ice’ finish.



Non-insulated alum roof NP8 with optional skylites.


See more configurations on  our general patio cover section, under the ‘Basement’ tab.